NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths

Get NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths in PDF and PNG Image format for the academic session 2024–2025. NCERT books and solutions to each question are available to download. Download the PDF in the chapter-wise format so when you need a specific chapter Download it from here. NCERT Books and exemplar books are available on a separate page to Download.

ncert solutions for class 6 maths
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NCERT Solution for Class 6 Maths [English Medium]

Chapter – 1: Knowing Our Numbers
Chapter – 2: Whole Numbers
Chapter – 3: Playing With Numbers
Chapter – 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter – 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes
Chapter – 6: Integers
Chapter – 7: Fractions
Chapter – 8: Decimals
Chapter – 9: Data Handling
Chapter – 10: Mensuration
Chapter – 11: Algebra
Chapter – 12: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter – 13: Symmetry
Chapter – 14: Practical Geometry

Other Subjects of NCERT Class 6

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